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A PrayerFormance Experience:

A Weaving of Native Wisdom, Prayers,Songs, Stories and Live Music

It is a blessing to share my perspective of native experience and earth love, To honor the returning of the sacred bundles from all races to the fire of unity and To pray together for the benefit of all life. Aho!
The NATIVE SONG CIRCLE is a journey into the past, present and future of Native American realities. Native American Stories and teachings are woven with original prayer songs that invite the listener to sing and pray along.  The entire experience is  layered over a soundscape often compared to Bufffy St. Marie, R. Carlos Nakai and Robbie Robertson.
"Jaraneh weaves a magical tapestry of ancient innuendo and modern spirituality.  I left feeling inspired, strangely connected and integrated."
"A sweet and magical experience"
"Beautiful, soulful, songs by a truly gifted vocalist"
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