Jaraneh Nova is a classically trained vocalist, songwriter and musician who creates through the lens of Indigenous Wisdom and Ancestry.  Using music, art and multimedia, her shows manifest a contemporary ceremony that educates, uplifts and inspires her audiences.  A child of the desert with a mix of Apache and Inuit ancestry, Jaraneh shares and transmits her unique experiences of deep spiritual earth connection in this modern world.  As passionate voice for the rights of Mother Earth and the Natural world, her art leaves you feeling more connected, alive and optimistic about the power of prayer and consciousness, and our human ability to usher in a new age of grace, peace and love.  Her music weaves ancient Native American elements with a high energy avanat-garde sound and story.    

An American born songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist based in Ojai, CA.  She has been called the Voice from the Ancestral Well, drawing inspiration from her Native American roots, bringing the essence of Traditional Native American Music and infuses it with modern sound. 

She has been deeply inspired by the pioneers of song and sound, such as Robbie Robertson, Buffy St. Marie and David Bowie. Her artistic journey weaves original music and native heritage into medicine stories that heal and transform.  Her lyrics are powerfully born from prayerful states and channelled from ancestral helpers.  

Performing live for over 20,000 people,  her live show is a beautiful tapestry woven with live loops of ambient sounds, native flutes, guitars, vocals, and prayers.

 This can be transcendence. 

This is a musical spiritual quest and homecoming for us all.

 Festival audiences at Lucidity, Coachella, Cosmic Carnival, Love Fest, Inlakesh and more, have joined in the trance-like native ambient folk-tronic experience. The beautiful vibes and ancestral energies she brings,  lift the spirit and connect the heart to our sacred mother earth. 

Jaraneh Nova is a life long musician with her roots in Opera, Jazz and the Classics.  Her first band, Blues Crusher was a successful experiment in Psychelic Blues Rock.  Her next project, Big Bone Lick (named after the famous Mammoth burial site in Kentucky) created a fresh Tribal-tronic sound.  Next, she began her solo project: Red Road Medicine Show, an evening of live-looping and indigenous wisdom teachings.  She is currently working on her first major album release: Emergence.  Please visit her Patreon page to join her growing tribe and to support her in raising funds to record this seminal release in 2022.