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Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jaraneh Nova is a magnetic performing artist who fuses the essence of her Apache and Inuit Roots with Electronic and Live Looped Music.  She is a classically trained musician who has been creating musical Prayerformances in the festival scene for over 15 years.  Through her deep earth connection and lifetime of traditional Indigenous ceremony, she has embodied the ability to create ceremonial spaces.  This ability combined with her acclaimed vocals has birthed a beautiful soundscape of unique, high frequency music that is woven with rich American Indian textures and fused with inspiring lyrics, Indigenous Chants and deep healing transmissions.  Jaraneh Nova has only just begun to release all the of music that flows through her.  You can hear her music on her website, as well as on the hit show Outlander.

Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, she is a life long musician with her roots in Opera, Jazz and the Classics.  Her first band, Blues Crusher was a successful experiment in Psychelic Blues Rock.  Her next project, Big Bone Lick (named after the famous Mammoth burial site in Kentucky) created a fresh Tribal-tronic sound.  Next, she began her solo project: Red Road Medicine Show, an evening of live-looping and indigenous wisdom teachings.  She is currently working on her first major album release: Emergence.  Please visit her Patreon page to join her growing tribe and to support her in raising funds to record this seminal release in 2023.


Jaraneh Nova is an American born songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist based in Tucson, AZ.  She has been called the Voice from the Ancestral Well, drawing inspiration from her ancestral roots. She brings the essence of Traditional Native American Music and merges it with a modern freshness. 

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